Ilmfest 2009 ~ Qabeelat Nurayn

Qabeelat Nurayn

Qabeelat Nurayn is the student body of Al-Maghrib Institute for the D.C. Metro and Baltimore areas. This is the blog for Qabeelat Nurayn where you can find out all the latest updates, news, local events and upcoming seminar’s information.

A little history: Before Qabeelat Nurayn was formed there were two Qabeelahs. Qabeelat Thabt of Maryland and Qabeelat Mubarak of Virginia. Due to the closeness in proximity of the two Qabeelahs, the two merged to form Qabeelat Nurayn : THE LIGHTHOUSE!


In the bitter darkness of this dunya, the students of knowledge leave the comfort of their desires in search for truth..
…for guidance..
…for a beacon…
..for light.

Qabeelat Nurayn: THE LIGHTHOUSE that guides to the truth, the ‘ilm and shines bright with emaan!


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